About this blog

Welcome to Gemfile.

This blog is written for me and not for you. I don’t mean to sound like an ass, just telling how it is. As I learn Rails, I want to take notes, and these articles are them. They are written as mini-tutorials for my own benefit – the less cryptic they are, the more likely I am to understand them later myself; the more thorough and well-written they are, the better I myself understand the subject matter. Plus, I like to write.

If you find any of the info here useful – I am thrilled. If you find errors in my code, my logic or my terminology – I’ll be happily corrected. I you have questions about the material – let me know, and if I can, I will make it clearer. My goal is to learn, and I can do so both by having something explained to me and by explaining it to others. If you find yourself thinking “Why another Rails blog with nothing but low-level info on it?” – no need to post acerbic comments. Just save your time and leave.



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